Auctioneer Bio
Jim Haynes is a native of Arab, Alabama, graduating from Arab High School in 1966. Jim grew up in the livestock and auction business. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, the late Ted and Lillie Mae Fleming of Arab. Ted Fleming was a livestock dealer in the area for 40 years.
From his high school days, Jim had always wanted to be an auctioneeer, so in 2004 he graduated from Nashville Auction School and began as an apprentice auctioneer with a Kentucky auction company. By 2006, Jim was a Principal Auctioneer licensed in Kentucky, and began Jim Haynes Auction Company in Richmond, KY.  During this time Jim auctioneered in two local auction houses in Kentucky, ran 10 consignment auctions, and had 2 estate sales. Today, Jim has retired from Kentucky, moved home to Alabama, and is fully licensed and bonded as an auctioneer in Alabama.
Early Days:
After graduating Arab High School in 1966, Jim attended Jacksonville State University. He began working in the JSU Food Service for James B. Haywood, the Director. Jim was promoted by Mr. Haywood, and began working as a full time food manager. Mr. Haywood motivated Jim to make a career in food management. In 1970, Jim transferred to Auburn University and worked for the Food Services there as an assistant manager in Sewell Dining Hall, the Athletic Cafeteria, and remained there until 1973 serving football, basketball and track athletes. Later at Auburn he was assistant manager at Magnolia Dining Hall and then  War Eagle Cafeteria (Student Union). In 1977-78 Jim was manager of Terrell Dining Hall. Working his way through college, Jim earned a B.S. degree in Food Management from Auburn University, graduating in 1974.
Jim became a college foodservice director from 1979 to 1999, and served at Mississippi State University, Southeast Mo. State University, Wofford College, and Arkansas State University.
While at Arkansas State University Jim earned an MPA degree in 1995 and an EDD degree in 1999. From 2000-2013 Jim took a 9 month a year teaching job at Eastern Kentucky University teaching food service managment. In December 2013 Jim retired from Kentucky and moved home to Alabama and now serves as an auctioneer.